The Russian Aerospace Forces begin mass training of Su-34 pilots in the use of aerial bombs with UMPC

The Russian Military Space Forces are beginning mass training of pilots of Su-34 front-line bombers in the use of aerial bombs with universal planning and correction modules (UMPC). This training will be conducted at one of the VKS training centers. As an informed source told RIA Novosti, the goal is to increase the number of pilots capable of using this type of bombs in order to increase the number of air strikes against Ukrainian Armed Forces positions.

Recently, a batch of Su-34 bombers was transferred to one of the VKS training centers, which will be used for training pilots. The mastery of aerial bombs with UMPC, which have already proven themselves in the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine, will increase the number of pilots who have the skills to use them and, accordingly, increase the intensity of the use of “smart aerial bombs” against Ukrainian military targets.

The effectiveness of using aerial bombs with UMPC has already been proven, since they allow you to accurately hit targets. In addition, the cost of such aerial bombs is significantly lower than that of other precision-guided munitions, making them an attractive option for precision target destruction missions. The training is part of efforts to improve the effectiveness of airstrikes in military operations.


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