Armed Forces of Ukraine are deploying even more S-300 air defense systems to Donbass

Ukraine began to transfer the S-300 air defense system to Donbass.

A few hours ago it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine began the transfer of the S-300 Favorit complexes to the demarcation zone in the Donbass. According to the data presented, an air defense system column has advanced in the direction of the DPR. Any other details, including those concerning the circumstances of sending these air defense systems to the region, have not yet been announced.

The video footage presented by the Telegram-community “Hunter's Notes” shows the movement of a convoy of Ukrainian equipment. We are talking about at least four mobile launchers, which, given the shortage of anti-aircraft guided missiles for these air defense systems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, raises a number of questions regarding the advisability of transferring these complexes to the region.

“Yesterday in Zaporozhye (South-East of Ukraine) a convoy of military equipment of the S-300PS air defense missile system battalion was seen, as part of the command post 5N63S with a 30N6 illumination and guidance radar, 5P85D launchers of the S-300PS air defense missile system, and technical assistance vehicles. According to eyewitnesses, the cars were moving to Donetsk region ", the Telegram community said in a statement.

It should be noted that today the likelihood of a military operation by Ukrainian forces still remains and the transfer of air defense systems to the Donbass can be considered an increase.

The range of the Ukrainian S-300V1 is 72 km, this is due to the presence of missiles.
The maximum design overload of Ukrainian S-300V1 missiles is up to 20 units, which is 40 units. less than necessary to intercept supersonic targets.
The DPR does not have Aviation, so they want to "cover" the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Russian Aerospace Forces if they force peace, which is of course dangerous with a negligent approach to business, for example, flights over Ukrainian air defense positions (Modern aircraft have the ability to work up to 160 km to goals)

We are waiting for new downed Boeing



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