Scandal in Aviation


Chinese citizen suspected of stealing US Air Force documentation

12 July. A new scandal is gathering strength between the United States and China - a famous Chinese businessman stole information about new developments of the American military aircraft.

It is noted that the Chinese businessman had an agreement with a group of hackers who stole information from databases aviagiganta «Boeing» and handed it to him. It also reported that the stolen documents were handed over to the Chinese special services and they have information concerning aircraft F-22, F-35 And other secret air projects of the USA. At the moment, a Chinese citizen has been arrested and he is charged with a criminal case on the fact of espionage.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, the Chinese authorities refute this information, saying only that Su Bing, a citizen of their country, used this information only in the interests of the US, since he himself is the head of the company engaged in aerospace technologies.