Information about downloading and balance Yak-42 Aerosvit vessel. 1997.
Information about downloading and balance Yak-42 Aerosvit vessel. 1997.

Information about the loading and balance of the yak-42 Aerosvit vessel. 1997.



The load on the balance of the aircraft was determined by the Aerosvit airline in Odessa. The aircraft was loaded with 9500 kg of fuel for takeoff from Odessa on December 17, 1997. But the actual take-off weight was determined in the amount of 48 408 kg. The center of gravity (CG) during takeoff was determined to be 27.12 percent of the mean aerodynamic chord (MAX). Taking off mass and CG. were within acceptable limits for it.

Calculate the number of kilometers before the collision, was 45 (H) kg. The total mass of the aircraft at the time of the collision was 43 m.

The above data are taken from the first paragraph compiled with the use of computer utilization graph (Appendix 22.A), and these data do not coincide with the data compiled by the surface and is not completely filled (not included alignment chart) DOWNLOAD FORM GRAPHICS AND NOTES DOWNLOADS regarding information the actual crew members and their duties on board.

In the first document indicates crew of 4 / 3. and in the second - the crew 6 / 2. Was the crew member 4 3 and cabin crew members, or were 6 2 Lenka on the crew cabin crew?


The disaster at Thessaloniki. Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.


Standard specification for the Yak-42 and information from the document DASH provide respectively as follows:

The flight crew of the aircraft shall consist of:

Pilot (Commander).


Two flight attendants and crew consists of two pilots: commander (pilot) and co-pilot.

In addition, the crew also includes two flight attendants.

The aircraft is easy to operate and developed pilots and engineering staff.

It follows from the above that there is no clear indication of whether the “flight engineer” is a member of the flight crew.

Seating in the first compartment provides space for two pilots (pilot commander and co-pilot). Folding seat that reclines up to the side wall of one of the two boards with circuit breaker cubicles, deployed as needed by and in line with central control, in a narrow corridor (width of the shoulders of one person), which form the boards.

The above technical data / information is at odds with the data section, which provides relevant information provided by the operating company, which confirms the impression of an excessive number of persons in the cockpit during a flight emergency.

Moreover, there are significant discrepancies in the number of passengers on board. As already indicated in the Coroner's report, four additional bodies were found over the number shown on the passenger list and on the loading schedule and loading indication form. This circumstance should be thoroughly investigated by the relevant competent authorities, and if the presence of four unchecked passengers is confirmed, this will pose a serious problem in terms of the company's reliability in relation to all obligations to the I ATA and compliance with ICAO standards.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that since PFR were not, and are registered exceeding norms correction for balancing, the likely difference data in graphs loading and balancing, and evidence not affect the flight characteristics of the aircraft, and for this reason are not a factor, influence the cause of the accident.

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