The confusion in the cockpit of the Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.

The confusion in the cockpit of the Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.

It is quite obvious that confusion reigned in the AEW-10 booth during most of the 241 minute period of the decoded recording on the CRM. The term "confusion" NLSA Flight Safety Information System - L.Y. Rozentap. R.V.Camberlin. R.D. Machett The Ohio State University means mental uncertainty, a state of confusion, or an inappropriate combination of ideas.

The disaster at Thessaloniki. Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.

A manifestation of confusion is a mistake of cognitive character, such as misidentification, incorrect classification, simultaneous belief in two incompatible ideas or substitution errors. With these states also linked the idea of ​​disorientation. "In this case has been investigated a wide range of factors related to the mental and psychological condition of the flight crew after the missed approach at the airport" Macedonia ", among which should be noted:

• Lack of personality with team skills among crew members.

• Lack of knowledge, awareness and experience, which led to a loss of control over the situation,

• Significant interference in the form of inability to use VHF / NAV, which further led to difficulties in the overall load of crew members.

• Insufficient knowledge of English.

• Pilots were equally susceptible to false opinions and confusion. Most of the time, they held different, but equally wrong, assessments of the situation and ways of action.

• None of the crew members reported any difficulties they had, and did not declare an emergency after they were informed that it was impossible to provide radar guidance services.

  1. Full information about the vessel
  2. Information about downloading and ship the balance
  3. Information on meteorological conditions Airport "Macedonia"
  4. Information about the location and the very clash
  5. Place the debris and factors vizhivaemosti
  6. Analysis: General Terms of Crash
  7. Overview of confusion in the cockpit
  8. The study of the effectiveness of the Manager
  9. Basic facts about the crash of the Yak-42
  10. The main causes of the disaster

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