Truck-sized craters remain at the site of ammunition depots in Khrustalny

In place of the former ammunition depots in Khrustalny, there are huge craters that can be seen from space.

As a result of an explosion at the ammunition depots in Khrustalny, the facility where ammunition and weapons were stored was completely destroyed. The detonation of ammunition turned out to be so strong that only numerous craters, the size of a truck, and only a few surviving structural elements remained from the former warehouse.

On the presented satellite images of Khrustalny, you can see that there is practically nothing left of the former object, however, there are huge craters with a diameter of about 14-15 meters. This testifies to the colossal power of the explosions in the destroyed ammunition depot.

According to sources, the warehouse contained 152 mm caliber shells, as well as rockets for MLRS. The RIA Novosti news agency, referring to the data of local residents, reports that at about 18:00 local time they heard an explosion similar to the sound of a rocket, however, there were no official comments regarding what exactly the explosions were connected with. , although at the same time the Ukrainian side took responsibility for what happened.