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Indicative status of the pilot. The virtual state of the pilot.

Pilot indicative state.

The virtual state of the pilot.


Mental states and deviations in the activities of the pilot


There are many types of mental states; functional, stress, emotions, etc. In this section, one of the types of mental states, which has received little attention so far is as follows: Indicative state.


Such conditions are of two types:

  • virtual
  • konsustalnye


Virtual states in turn are divided into:

  • Gratualnye
  • Ingratualnye


What are the properties of the virtual state?


not privykaemost - Virtual state every time a person is experienced as an unusual condition, no matter how many times it may arise from it.


Objectivity - A virtual state is expressed in objective terms. If all the other mental states are expressed in type I feel good words - "I'm glad," "I was scared", etc., in the description of the virtual state of the material used the terms "heat in the head," "leg cotton" hands are not obey, etc.


fragmentariness - Feelings arise in certain parts of the body. Man does not describe himself to a whole (for example, I just twisted), and only parts of himself - those who participate in the implementation of this Act activities.


Spontaneity - Virtual state arises and disappears suddenly and unintentionally. It can not be in contrast to other types of mental states cause a certain stimulus to the desired point in time. The virtual state comes and goes by itself.

Day gratualnogo state, in addition, characterized by the following properties.

Self-action - The current activity seems effortless application as if it flows by itself, as a self-acting force.


elucidated - There is a clarification of thought and consciousness: a person can easily grasp all the information and make the right decisions quickly.


Power - There is a feeling of strength, power, ability to overcome any obstacles.


For ingratualnogo state, apart from the general gratualnym first two properties, characterized by the following properties:


Resistance - The application must be special volitional efforts to continue the work.


bleary - There is a blurred thinking and consciousness: the information is perceived and processed easily.


Impotence - There is a sense of his own helplessness, the inability and the inability to solve the problem.


So, for a virtual state is characterized by:

  • neprivykaemost to experiences
  • objectivity and fragmentary descriptions
  • spontaneous occurrence
  • spontaneity activities (self-action or resistance)
  • Changing the status of consciousness (Clarification or blurred)
  • Changing the status of the individual (the feeling of omnipotence or impotence)


In each case, each of these properties may occur with varying degrees of intensity.


Psychologically virtual state is a state that reflects the self-image in the process of updating the image of flight, regulating the flow of activities, and thus is an indicator of the quality and flow of the process activities.


self-generated - It is like a mental scoreboard, which reflected the state of the image.


Let us consider the peculiarities of the image, which act as an explanatory mechanism of some virtual states, taking examples from flight experience ...


Easy and difficult updated image.


Ease of updating the image. Actualization of the image can be represented as a kind of reading in sequence each of its structural elements. Actualization for various reasons, can occur with varying degrees of ease, from the feasibility of easy to very difficult.


Easy actualization generates a gra- tual state: clarity of consciousness, expansion of it, grasping all the necessary details of the situation, a sense of self-confidence, etc. "Once in night conditions, with a minimum of weather, I performed four approaches in accordance with the flight task." Each time the flight information was easy to grasp, the approach was carried out with minimal deviations. "Each deviation of the parameter resulted in immediate correct action.There was a state of" direct communication " Thought and plane and the certainty that everything can be achieved, everything is in my power.


Direct link - A loss of an average link in the chain: perception - thought - action. This decreases the value of sensitivity to rejection, increased attention is happening - more parameters can perceive simultaneously or it may be able to quickly switch attention. In this state, sure, I focused and feel; I do everything right, I can do more - without the emotional coloring "(pilot K.).


In this state, you want to sing, perform unimaginable figures, even stomp. You feel like a master of the machine, to revel in the state of power over her. You're almost happy "(pilot A).


Hard actualization Creates an ingrajective state: stiffness and overstrain. The third independent flight on a training aircraft. The meteorological conditions changed rapidly and at the landing there was almost a minimum of weather with very poor visibility. Having no experience, missed the call, went to the second round. Then there was another unsuccessful call. Legs became as wadded. Such a state, as if exhaled all the air, and there is no breathing. I began to remember my actions when bailing out. Only having collected strength, by effort of will forced myself to watch the instruments even more closely. The third time I managed to land after all. After the flight sat on the bench and fell asleep instantly "(pilot A.). "If you suddenly get into a difficult situation, the flow of necessary information becomes monstrously large, you do not have time to comprehend it, you are late with making a decision. Dirty attitude to yourself, to your negligence, you feel yourself inferior "(pilot).


Structural imbalance of the image. The virtual state is a reflection in the psyche of the actualization process of the image, but for various reasons this process can be blocked and the image in this case becomes meaningfully empty. The absence of image content means that its functions of reflecting the situation and regulating activity are violated. In this case, with full legal capacity, a person ceases to understand what is happening, or while maintaining an understanding of what is happening in his activities (actions, perceptions, etc.), spontaneously involuntary violations occur. There is a corresponding ingra- tual state; Either confusion, or detachment, estrangement from oneself and (or) the situation. "When approaching the landing in automatic mode at an altitude of two hundred the autopilot turned off, which I did not immediately realize. Suddenly, the handle of the airplane control went from itself - very great effort. The plane began to lose altitude. What's happening? What to do? - these thoughts alternated in my brain. I already wanted to eject myself when I realized that this was a failure of the autopilot. I left for the second round "(pilot F.). There were cases when it was clear what was happening, but could not act properly. I regard these situations as a temporary confusion. It seems that time stops its running, and actions are aimed only at analysis "(the pilot).


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