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The mental state of the pilot. The scientific approach to aviation.

The mental state of the pilot. The scientific approach to aviation.


The psychic states of the pilot are paid little attention to by both psychology scientists and the administration. Moreover, among the pilots somehow it is not customary to spread their feelings and feelings. And in vain, because mental states are an integral part of professional activity, and the ability to manage them is an important element of professional skill. As the Hero of the Soviet Union Colonel-General M. Gromov wrote; In order to fly reliably, you need to know how to fly an airplane, but it is even more important to know how to control yourself. My success in aviation is often explained by excellent knowledge of technology. This is true ... but at 1%, and the remaining 99% relate to the ability to learn, to learn oneself and to improve oneself. This improvement must begin with the study of the foundations of psychology. "


As the aircraft to the feelings, emotions, states of the pilot ratio is extremely skeptical, each pilot of the mental state knows only what he has learned about it from my own experience, the best - from the experience of their friends, and the state - something no less important, and more common than, say, the illusions that were the subject of careful analysis and thorough discussion. It's time to make a mental state of public and scientific heritage.


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