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Thoughts on the helicopter industry

Thoughts on the helicopter industry


Rostislav Ishchenko, president of the Center of System Analysis and Forecasting: "But we are only at the beginning of the process. We have not escaped the war, only postponed it. "

"... Both the search helicopter Mi-8Who came to the aid of Russian pilots of Su-24Also came under local fighters. As a result, one of the members of the rescue operation was killed on board the machine, received a bullet wound in the neck ".

Flying helicopters for search crews are made at low altitudes and militants do not miss the opportunity to fire them, so for such operations need to create special helicopters to the crew with the rescuers are protected from small arms. Of course, in this case, the helicopter will be heavier inert, that complicate the already complex missions in the mountains. The best option for such operations are suitable coaxial helicopters, compact and maneuverable, with a high specific power. For example, the height of the hovering helicopter Mi-8 in the Afghan mountains was 2700m., And the helicopter Ka-29 in the same conditions, "hung" on 3700. And to the wind it is less sensitive, its limitations on the side and tail wind are 10 m / s, for Mi-8T: passing wind - 3 m / s, on the right - 5 m / s, on the left - 8 m / s, which is associated with loss of control , and Ka-29 / 32 with the force of the wind more than 10м / с itself turns around against the wind. 

Citing the example of the Ka-29 / 32 helicopter, I mean for a long time more modern Ka-32-10 helicopter with a cabin volume comparable to the Mi-8 ready for serial production, but not launched into the series with the no-customer phrase. 

And that's what he said back in 2001godu S.V.Miheev:
"... The new helicopter can be developed, certified and put into production at Arsenyev aviation plant in the next few years 3.

Ka-32-10 is a deep modernization of the Ka-32 helicopter, created on the basis of the anti-submarine Ka-27. It has an extended cab designed for the 24 passenger. Load capacity Ka-32-10 inside the fuselage 4 tons, on the external sling - 7 tons. 

Customers will be offered a new car for the price 3,8-4,5 million».

So: Ka-32-10 with engine capacity of 2200l.s. and Mi-171A2 with bits. capacity of 2400l.s .:
"Load capacity Ka-32-10 4 inside the fuselage tons on external sling - 7 tonnes."
Mi -171A2 "inside the cargo cabin 4000 kg on external sling 5000 kg."

The difference in the external load two tons suggests that the supply of traction at the Ka-32-10 40% almost more than the Mi-171A2 with more powerful engines.
The Ka-32-10AG project with the same engines that the Mi-171А2 has to carry payloads inside the fuselage more, right up to 5500kg, the Mi-171А2 - 4000kg, but again the Mi-171Х2 was accepted into the series. 

Kozma bars: "Do not believe were written," because very doubtful that any customer has refused such a helicopter and the first of our Air Force.

That's how hard had our pilots in Afghanistan on Mi-24:
"Vertical take-off in conditions where the helicopter" almost wore himself "almost unused. On the runway usually raised in an aircraft with 100: 150-meter run. By LII technique it has been mastered even more radical way to takeoff with a running start on the front wheels only. " Viktor Markowski. Roast sky Afghanistan

In coaxial helicopters it has yet to own an essential feature in combat conditions, about which for some reason no one ever says. The fact is that the refusal at the same Mi-8 tail rotor in flight (for technical reasons, snagged when maneuvering in a wooded, mountainous terrain and heavy machine gun even chopped off the tail boom) helicopter becomes unmanageable. I think many people saw on television this summer (2avg.) Uncontrolled rotation of the helicopter Mi-28 with a sharp decline from the Berkuty aerobatic team near Ryazan with a very sad outcome. 

So the helicopter Ka-50 «Black Shark" when tested in flight specially cut off the tail boom with the tail, the helicopter was controllable at speeds up to 200k / h and safely landed. Therefore, for exploratory missions on the battlefield of today should be equipped with only the Ka-32-10! And then on the horizon of the firm "Kamov" helicopters viewed High Ka-92 30 on passengers with a range of = 1400km cruising speed = 420k / h. When decent financing later this year, the first Ka-92 have begun testing, but holding "Helicopters of Russia" instead became a commercial finance tailed project with the American female name «Rachel».

True, it is now switched to the project Mi-28NM: "According to Chief of the Air and Space Forces of Russia, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev, flying prototype of the new helicopter will rise into the air in 2018 year. The car can reach speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour. "

At the end I will bring another quotation: "Stalin predicted that a future war would be a war of engines, and no mistake, determining the strategic course of the state. Huge efforts have been made to transform peasant country into an industrial power. That is what determined the outcome of World War II. "


Vitalii Belyaev

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