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Everyday, thousands of planes rise above the heavens. Modern air travel market is very developed and around the world, every minute somewhere flies or a plane sits. A variety of airlines in the world gives you a choice.

Over the past century, humanity is very advanced in the issue of aviation and air transport themselves have become a common mode of transport, which is just booming. In today's market presents different airlines in the world, as well as the main type of activity has a definite direction.

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One generally has a direction of transportation of both passengers and cargo. Some airlines specialize in the transportation of goods only, and the postal service certain services also have their planes that carry air mail.




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The most popular airlines in Russia and the World:

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The first place belongs to the airlines, which are engaged in transportation of passengers, as they are the most advanced in the field of aviation, their services are more in demand. Among the famous passenger airlines in the world such as the world leader of the German Lufthansa, Dutch airline KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines, British British Airways, Turkish Turkish Airlines, American Airlines American Airlines, "Delta Air Lines" and "Northwest Airlines" and Russian airline Transaero and Aeroflot.

Second place belongs to the championship airlines are engaged in transportation of goods. These airlines of the world also it has a large fleet of aircraft, as orders for transportation of cargoes are both large, so and quite insignificant. To a large cargo aircraft are, of course, such as: AN - 225 «Mriya" Boeing - 747 (modification 8), IL - 76, AN - 12, MD - 80, «Hercules," and others. The internal arrangement of the aircraft much easier. Their interiors are empty and only filled with fixing ropes and all kinds of clamps. Folding chairs are located only along the walls of the aircraft.




Postal services, which use aircraft for transportation of mail entrusted to them is basically like DHL и TNT. Aircraft of these companies operate flights several times a day, the greatest distance. All their activities are clearly planned and guided by a central office. Aircraft only have time to upload and download mail, as well as the crew change.

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It should also devote a few words, the other, a little-known airlines, we almost do not know, but they probably are also among the largest in the world. So, the largest airline in the world - an American airline Delta Air Airlines. It is one year carries over 170 000 passengers, and flights to destinations other than the United States itself, there are more than 70 the world.

Still, among the world's largest airlines, it should be noted such airlines, as the French Air France, China China Southern Airlines, Japan Airlines Japan Airlines, Canadian airline Air Canada, Korean, and Korean Air. Of course, all these figures are relative, as the aviation industry is not very predictable. Indicators and data may change from year to year, it all depends on the conditions in which the carrier is located, as well as on demand. On the proposed air service.

Discuss all or some of the airlines, perhaps a very long time, in fact, that during the discussion. Consideration should be given to each air carrier. During your next visit to your site, you will find a more detailed, more information about the airlines individually. Moreover, you can join the discussion on the basis of their own experience, experienced impressions. Whatever the airlines, they are all designed to ensure that help us to overcome time and become closer to each other, as well as the easy to fly, and enjoy life!